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Moving Resources & Tips

Moving Tips

The best way to ensure a smooth relocation is to utilize moving tips from the pros. That is why we at Guardian Moving & Storage are happy to help our clients in Pensacola, FL with advice on everything from packing to storage to essential supplies.

Tips for a Stress-Free Move

One of the key moving tips to ward off anxiety is to hire a moving company that offers comprehensive services. We can provide our clients with options such as:

What’s more, our company has been in the moving industry since 1952. That means we have more than 60 years of experience providing moving tips and moving resources such as:

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, simply trust our team to give you a guideline to make your move less burdensome.

Create a Timeline

Once you have set a date for your move and hired our team at Guardian Moving & Storage to help, you should create a timeline. One of the best moving tips we offer is to get organized, and a timeline gives you an easy way to divide and conquer your moving tasks. A sample schedule might look something like this:

  • Four weeks out: Schedule the movers, plot out new commutes, pack off-season clothing
  • Two weeks out: Contact utility companies, collect boxes and packing supplies
  • One week out: Pack up non-essentials, hire a babysitter or pet-sitter

Everyone’s timeline will look different. One of our friendly representatives can discuss with you items you may want to be sure to include, such as booking a storage unit.

Get the Help You Need Today

Getting into a new home can be a lot easier with the right moving tips and moving company. At Guardian Moving & Storage, we have the experience and expertise to help smooth your transition. Our services encompass every step of the move, freeing you up to focus on the other items on your to-do list. To find out how we can help you today, contact us at 850-455-1376.


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