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Moving Checklists

Moving Checklist

The best way to ensure a smooth move is to get organized, which includes efficient packing and proper labeling. At Guardian Moving & Storage in Pensacola, FL, we also offer our clients a moving checklist to effectively plan and execute a relocation. Creating a checklist for moving means important details will not be overlooked. Try these tips to make your transition a little easier.

Checklist for Moving: Take Inventory

A good moving checklist to have on hand is an inventory sheet of all your belongings according to boxes. We find it helpful to number your moving boxes and then create a list that enumerates each number and the contents of the box. That way, you can be sure everything you packed made it into the new home. If a box is temporarily missing, you will know exactly what is inside.

Plan Your Move

A quality moving tips checklist will schedule the important tasks that need to be taken care of prior to the big day. You might find it easiest to work backward from the day of the move, such as following a schedule like this:

  • The day before: Clean out the refrigerator, get cash from the ATM
  • The week before: Change your address
  • Two weeks before: Label all the boxes, call the utility company, cancel services such as pest control
  • A month before: Book the moving company, pack off-season items, transfer school or medical records

All the Tools You Need

Our representatives are well-versed in making your move easier, which is why we can help you with your moving checklist. We are also equipped to offer other organizational tools, such as:

  • Moving resources
  • Packing tips
  • Advice on how to choose a mover
  • Packing supplies

Get Started Today

The first step in getting ready for your move is to get in touch with our team at Guardian Moving & Storage. We should be a top priority on your moving checklist, as we can take care of the hard labor so you can focus on all the other important parts of the move. Contact us today at 850-455-1376 to get started.



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